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The internet along with all its benefits brings an inherent exposure of brands and trade marks to illegal use. The Trusted Trade Mark (TTM) Program, enables a company to have control over the display of its brand/trademark online.
The TTM seal, developed jointly by D&B and the corporate can be displayed on websites of authorized dealers, vendors, association members, etc. This seal is authenticated by D&B systems each time the web page is visited. The TTM seal displays customized information about the company or brand when clicked.

Listed below are the features and benefits of the Trusted Trade Mark Program:

  • Easy Implementation: The TTM seal is displayed on approved websites by simply adding a “one-line-of-code” to approved websites. This code is authenticated by D&B systems each time the web page is visited and returns a seal / logo.

  • Brand Protection: The one-line-of-code works only on authorized websites. Each unauthorized attempt to use the one-line-of-code is registered in the database and a report can be generated on the same.

  • Configurable Content Display: The seal displayed on the website when clicked, displays additional information. The displayed information in turn can be customized by linking it to a profile or a webpage. Companies can therefore choose to display only the information that they would like their potential customer, suppliers and business partners to view.

  • Reporting and Tracking: The TTM Program provides the ability to track usage of each website delivering the trademark and generate information about the used behavior.

  • Multiple seal designs: The TTM is highly configurable and allows different seals to be displayed on different websites.

  • One time installation: Once the code is added, the seal/logo designs need to be changed only in the D&B systems. Thus the trademark owner can quickly change a trademark design on thousands of websites within a few seconds.


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